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Experience Confidence and Style with Raffida.

Introducing Raffida: A brand born from our deep love and gratitude for our followers. It's our way of saying thank you for your unwavering support and inspiration.

Capturing memories

Favourite highlights for you lovely, confident ladies

Manhattan, New York First Debut Collection

These designs are a reflection of my personal journey towards building self-confidence and the inspiring moments I've encountered along the way. Each piece encapsulates the essence of that transformative experience

Featured designs

Highlights of the first edition designs

Exclusive Collections

We are proud to brings this beautiful and bold collection

The Monogram Collection

  • Classic Monogram
  • Monogram Chain
  • Monogram 2.0 Collection
  • Monogram 3.0 Collection

Pastel colors are a beautiful blend of gentle and soft tones. They bring a sense of tranquility and grace, like a dreamy palette that feels elegant and soothing.

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